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21st of May 2018


Ford's Team Edison moves fast on electric crossover

Ford Motor Co. says its upcoming long-range battery-electric crossover -- tentatively called Mach 1 -- is inspired by the Mustang.

It's also inspired by the Ford GT.

The group in charge of making the electric vehicle, dubbed Team Edison, was formed last year and has been modeled after the small, close-knit bunch that created the latest Ford GT supercar in a secret basement room in a far corner of the company's product development center.

Details about the Mach 1, due in 2020, have been scarce (Ford still won't even confirm the name), but Hau Thai-Tang, head of product development and purchasing, has offered some insight into its development.

Team Edison was recently in China to study EV buyers there and discovered that they like larger display screens than what was originally planned for the Mach 1. Some wanted to suggest changing the size of the display, but others hesitated because the traditional Ford product development process says it's too late for a change that substantial.

"Everybody felt they were doing the right thing," Thai-Tang said. "One team was trying to react to customer trends; the other was trying to protect engineering discipline."

That's when he reminded them to think of the GT team.


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